Mehus Construction embraces the latest green building products and construction techniques. In fact, we are proud to say we have been integrating green measures in homes since our inception in 1975. Healthy, sustainable homes offer great benefits to our clients while being environmentally friendly. Our GreenPoint rated projects easily exceed points required by Build It Green.

Some of the common green services and products we offer are:

-Diverted and recycled job site waste

-Moisture controlled crawlspaces

-Engineered and FSC certified lumber

-Closed cell foam insulation

-Water efficient plumbing fixtures

-Tankless water heaters

-Hydronic heating

-Photovoltaic panels

-High efficiency HVAC systems

-Low VOC paint and adhesives

Green Building does not necessarily translate into complicated and expensive propositions. Simply choosing building materials that are recognized for long lasting beauty and durability is a green concept that is second nature to Mehus Construction.